Batch transactions

Create Batch Transaction

Open the Asigna multisig app: Navigate to the Asigna multisig app in your web browser:

Creating Send BTC transaction: On the main Safe page locate Send button on the Dashboard and click on it.

➱ Input the amount of BTC token, add receiving address. Click on Add to multi-transaction button.

Create multi-transaction draft: Click on +Create new button to name and create a new multi-transaction for you batch of transactions.

➱ Input the name and click on Save button. This multi-transaction will be added as the chosen one to the dropdown menu.

➱ Click on Confirm button to create a new multi-transaction adding the first transaction to its draft.

Once the multi-transaction was successfully created, it can be located in the Activity -> Drafts tab.

Drafts section displays only draft of your multi-transaction. You should sign the multi-transaction to make it visible for other owners. Thus it will be moved to the Queue section and become available to all owners.

Now you can edit this multi-transaction draft, by adding or deleting transactions.

Adding to Batch Transaction

Adding Send BRC-20 transaction: On the main safe page locate BRC-20 section and choose inscribed in previous steps BRC-20 Token by clicking on it.

➱ Click on Send button.

➱ Add receiving address, click on Add to multi-transaction button.

Choose multi-transaction draft: In the dropdown select previously created multi-transaction and click on Confirm button to add a new transaction to it.

Once a new transaction was successfully added to the multi-transaction, the changes can be observed in the Activity -> Drafts tab.

Conflict transactions

If transactions with opposite actions on the same object are added to one and the same multi-transaction, a warning Inscription duplicated will be displayed.

Such multi-transaction will be blocked for signing until you delete one of the conflicting transactions.

Deleting from Batch Transaction

Open multi-transaction details: In the Activity -> Drafts tab choose multi-transaction and click on it. Multi-transaction details window with the list of added transactions will appear.

Delete transaction from the multi-transaction: Click on the Trash Bin icon on the transaction to be deleted. Then click on Yes, Delete button to confirm this action.

Once Delete transaction window closes up, deleted transaction is removed from the list of transactions.

Please note that deleting the last transaction from the list will delete the multi-transaction completely from the Drafts tab.

Signing the Draft

To make the draft of multi-transaction visible for other owners you should sign it. Thus it will be moved to the Queue section and become available to all owners.

➱ Click on Sign button, choose fee, review the multi-transaction and sign it in the connected wallet.

Now this multi-transaction is moved to the Queue tab and can be seen and signed by other owners and finally executed.

Executing this batch of transactions will cost less gas and take less time than executing each of these transactions separately.

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