Connecting to Asigna


➱ Open the Asigna multisig app

Navigate to the Asigna multisig app in your web browser:

➱ Choose your network

The default network of Asigna multisig app is Mainnet but you can click "Testnet" button on the homepage to choose testnet for experimenting or some other purposes. Make sure to switch network in your wallet before trying to connect to different network.

➱ Choose your wallet connection method

Click "Connect wallet" on the Asigna app homepage to find options to connect your wallet — UniSat, Leather or Xverse. Click on your preferred method. For this example, we will use Xverse.

Make sure the chosen wallet is installed as an extension in your current browser.

➱ Connect your wallet

After clicking on Xverse, a window will appear with a list of available accounts. Choose the account you want to connect to the multisig dApp and approve connection.

➱ Confirm connection

After approving connection you are to sign the message.

Once your wallet is connected, you will see your account address displayed at the top-right corner of the dApp, confirming a successful connection.

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