Interacting with dApps

Stacks dApps integration is implemented through specifically designed Asigna Multisig Extension, that seamlessly interacts with sBTC, DEXes, marketplaces, and any dApp, tapping into the native capabilities of the Stacks blockchain to ensure maximum compatibility and accessibility for our users.

Asigna Multisig Extension supports both Stacks Mainnet and Testnet. The network will be picked automatically, according to the chosen network in the connected Asigna app.

To start using dApps directly from your Asigna Safe, follow this guide:



➱ Open your Asigna multisig app

Navigate to the Asigna multisig app in Chrome browser and connect your wallet.

➱ Install and connect extension

Click "Install extension" on the Asigna app homepage to be redirected to the Asigna Extension page in Chrome Web Store.

Install the extension in Chrome browser by clicking "Add to Chrome".

Once the extension is installed go back to the Asigna app and refresh the homepage. "Install extension" button will change to "Connect extension".

Click "Connect extension" to get your Asigna safes connected to the extension.

➱ Extension connected

Once the extension is connected "Connect extension" button will change to "Connected".

By clicking "Connected" you can disconnect the Asigna app from the extension.

Open Asigna Extension to make sure that the indicated network, your wallet address and all your safes are displayed correctly.


In the Apps tab of your safe you can discover the list of whitelisted dApps integrated with Asigna.

The list of our whitelisted applications will be expanded and improved over time.

➱ Connect your multisig to the dApp

Go to the Apps tab and select an application to interact with. Click on "Open app" of the chosen dApp. After clicking, the application will open in a new tab of the browser.

For this example, we will swap tokens on Alex DeFi.

Click "Connect wallet" on the Alex app homepage to discover options to connect.

Locate Asigna Wallet in the list and click on it.

After clicking on Asigna Wallet, a window will appear with the list of available safes. Choose the safe you want to connect and approve connection by clicking 'Connect".

➱ Your multisig connected

Once your Asigna app is connected, you will see your safe address and STX balance displayed at the top-right corner of the dApp, confirming a successful connection.

➱ Create transaction with Asigna Extension

To create a swap transaction select the pair of tokens and enter the amount. Click "Swap" and then "Confirm".

After clicking on "Confirm", the Asigna Extension window will appear with review information of your swap transaction. Click "Approve".

➱ Sign and execute transaction

Your transaction is created! Now you need to sign this transaction. Click "Sign transaction" to be redirected to your safe.

A newly created transaction will be added with 0 confirmations to the Queue tab. It's ready to be signed and executed. Learn our guides how to sign and execute the transaction.

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