Setting up your multisig

➱ Open the Asigna multisig app

Navigate to the Asigna multisig app in your web browser:

➱ Access the multisig management page

Once your wallet is connected, click on the "Bitcoin Treasury" option in the menu to access the multisig management page.

➱ Create a new multisig safe

On the multisig management page, click the "Create new Safe" button to start creating a new multisig safe.

➱ Name your multisig safe

Enter a name for your multisig safe, such as "Test", and click "Next".

Only alphanumeric characters and hyphens allowed.

➱ Choose the Safe Type

Click on the preferred Safe Type and click "Next" to confirm the choice and proceed to the next step.

There are 2 possible options for Asigna multisig Safe:

  • Native SegWit (P2WSH) Emphasizes weight optimization, enables cost-effective transactions due to reduced data size. Ideal for regular Bitcoin transactions. Max owners: 16 Compatibility: Extension wallet: Leather, Xverse, Magic Eden, UniSat Hardware wallet: Ledger

  • Taproot (P2TR) Focuses on signature aggregation, allowing for the batching of multiple signatures. Caters to more intricate transactions, enhancing efficiency and user privacy. Max owners: 20 Compatibility: Extension wallet: Leather, Xverse, UniSat

When choosing the Safe Type, keep in mind that the owner using an incompatible wallet extension will not be able to join the Safe. This means that the Safe will not be created.

It is also important to remember that you cannot create a common safe for Extension wallets and Hardware/desktop wallets, even though they are compatible with the same type of Safe.

➱ Add owners and set the policy

On the "Owners" page add the wallet addresses of the desired owners "+New" or choose one of previously created contacts from your address book "Add from Contacts".

Then adjust the policy for the multisig safe and click "Next". You can set the policy to 1 of 1, 2 of 3, 3 of 5, or any other combination that fits your needs. Here, we added 3 owners and set confirmation threshold to 2 of 3.

  • Specify the number of co-owners: Determine the total number of co-owners who will participate in approving transactions for your multisig wallet. This includes yourself and any additional users.

  • Add co-owners: Add the Bitcoin addresses (not Ordinals&BRC-20 addresses) of the co-owners to the wallet configuration. Ensure that each co-owner provides you with their valid Bitcoin address.

  • Set the confirmation threshold: Define the minimum number of confirmations required to authorize a transaction. This number should be less than or equal to the total number of co-owners.

➱ Editing owners (optional)

You can add more owners to your multisig safe by clicking on "+New" or delete an already added owner by clicking trash bin icon.

➱ Review and create your multsig safe

After setting the owners and policy, review your multisig safe configuration. Once you're satisfied, click "Create" to initialize the multisig creation on the Bitcoin blockchain. The creation process may take a few moments.

Safe owners and the confirmation threshold cannot be changed after the safe is created.

➱ Multisig safe created

Once your multisig safe created, it will appear on the multisig management page. A newly created safe can be in ready-to-use or in pending state.

  • Ready-to-use multisig safe have all the owners joined. The owner(s) can already manage it, send and receive tokens, create ordinal inscriptions and more.

  • Pending multisig safe is still waiting owners to join. A safe creator have to share an invitation code among all the added owners to finalize the safe creation.

Once the last co-owner accepts an invitation and joins the safe, pending state automatically switches to ready-to-use one.

Joining the Safe

Invited co-owner has 2 ways to join the Safe:

  • "Join" button in the pending Safe

  • Invitation code in the "Accept invitation" window

➱ Joining to the pending Safe

At first locate the pending Safe in the list on the "Bitcoin Treasury" and click on it.

Click on "Join" button located on the Safe dashboard or on your owner card.

After successful joining "Join" status will be changed to "Joined".

It is impossible to join the Safe if your connected Extension wallet is incompatible with the Safe Type, "Join" button will be inactive. In this case you may try to import your account with the invited address in the compatible wallet.

➱ Sharing and accepting invitation

To share an invitation, find and copy an invitation code to your safe on the preview of your pending multisig safe.

Share it among all the added owners so that they could join your multisig safe and finalize its creation. Only authorized co-owners can use this invitation code, so non-authorized users won't get access to your safe.

To accept an invitation to the pending multisig safe, click "Accept invite" button on the multisig management page.

Insert the provided invitation code, and click "Confirm".

Once you enter the correct invitation code, you will join to the Safe.

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