Stacks interaction

We have our own list of whitelisted apps. If our have recently launched or are preparing to launch a project on the Stacks blockchain, and you wish to apply to the listing on Asigna, please contact us.

Due to the StacksProvider conflict described in the Stacks Connect library issue, we decided not to override the standard provider in order to prevent any behaviour collisions with existing wallets, like Leather and Xverse.

Asigna Custom Provider:

Asigna prepared a custom provider that can be passed to all methods from Stacks Connect. Application developers are able to integrate Asigna easily: window.AsignaProvider. This custom provider can be passed to methods like doOpenAuth, doContractCall, doContractDeploy, and doSTXTransfer.


It is recommended either to use custom providers for Xverse and Leather to avoid their internal collisions:

  • Xverse custom provider: window.XverseProviders.StacksProvider

  • Leather custom provider: window.LeatherProvider

A custom provider can be selected in the Connection window and then saved, for example, in local storage for further usage with other action methods.

Follow the links to access the library and the package. For the micro-stacks.js library, the custom provider feature is not supported. We recommend migrating from micro-stacks.js to stacks.js to receive the latest Connect library updates.

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